English Language Certification

IELTS: Best Choice for English Language Certification

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most popular and important test that measures how well non-native speakers understand English. It’s used by people who want to study in English-speaking Universities or work and live in English-speaking countries.

In Greece it is run mainly by the British Council. You can take the test in Athens or Thessaloniki, and in other cities like Iraklion or Ioannina.

The IELTS tests 4 skills: 1. Listening, 2. Reading, 3. Writing, and 4. Speaking. You get scores for each skill and an overall score. There are two types of tests: Academic or General Training. You can choose to do it on paper or on a computer. Paper test results take 13 days, while computer tests give results in 3-5 days.

Check here for more info on the Types of IELTS Test: Academic or General Training

How to prepare

There are several preparation centres in Greece for the IELTS, that provide in-class or online courses.

Some of them are also British Council Official Partners for the IELTS, such as

1) NETWORK Educational Group, which apart from offering IELTS preparation courses, is an Official IELTS Registration Centre and Official IELTS Examination Centre). (www.network.gr,  www.networkfoundation.gr, www.europeanfoundation.gr, www.fullservice.gr)

There are also other acclaimed centres, both in Athens and Thessaloniki, that offer in-class and online IELTS prep courses, such as

2) thePro – English Language Centre (www.thepro.gr), 

3) UniBridge – Study Abroad  (www.unibridgedirect.com, www.unibridge.gr),

4) Foundation College (www.fcollege.gr).

Signing Up for the IELTS Exam

You must register online before the test day on a firt-come-first-serve basis.  There is no same-day registration.

  • IELTS 2024 Fees:  € 218
  • IELTS Resources with Telephone Contacts:
  • NETWORK Educational Group – 2107488131 (Athens)
  • NETWORK Educational Group – 2310240394 (Thessaloniki)
  • thePro – Language Experts – 2310279896, 2316009404 (Thessaloniki)
  • UniBridge – Study Abroad  – 2100108645 (Athens – Panormou)
  • Foundation College – 2108081050 (Kifissia)
  • British Council  – 210 3692 333  (Athens – Thessaloniki)