Paper Test Day


On test day, arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes earlier to sign in.


Remember: Bring the same ID you used for online registration. IDs are checked before each test.

If your ID differs from the one used for registration, you will not be able to take the test, reschedule, or get a refund. Note: Driving licenses are not valid IDs.


In case you realise that you may arrive late for your test, call the test center immediately. Make sure you have your test centre’s telephone number handy.

Test Schedule

Listening (40 mins), Reading (60 mins), Writing (60 mins). Note: The Listening test may be via loudspeakers or headphones, depending on the test centre. There are no breaks between these tests.

Speaking Test

The Speaking test is scheduled within a 4-hour period. You choose your timeslot during registration. The duration of the Speaking Test is 20 minutes.

On test day, you'll get your confirmed Speaking test starting time. Be at the test center 20 minutes before your Speaking test starting time.

Allowed items

Only a transparent, label-free water bottle and your ID/passport. Personal items like watches, pens, coats, bags, phones, and other electronics are not permitted in the test room. Store these in a provided cloakroom or locker.

Got a new ID or Passport?

If you've received a new ID (with a new number) after registering, email the IELTS test centre immediately. Tests can't be taken with outdated ID documents.